The Best Running Apps of 2020

Best Running Apps 2020

So what really are the Best Apps for Running? If you search on any mobile store “Fitness Tracker” or “GPS Run Trackers” it will return a large number of available apps for you to choose. Most apps as you might expect, are free to download thus removing the commitment to buy, but most free versions encourage you to upgrade and become premium members and unlock more features.

Running / Fitness Apps are big business and some have been around since the dawn of GPS-enabled mobile devices. This guide brought to you by BIBSNAPPER has a shortlist of the best in the market for running apps. Many of these you would have heard of or you maybe using already, but there could also be a few you haven’t, and worth a try too.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, but which Apps provide the best features for free before you need to consider becoming a premium member? Which apps are specifically designed for running? And of those which support wearable? We take a detailed look at some of best apps available right now and hopefully save you time (and money) trying to find one that’s right for you.

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The App Shortlist:

  • Run Tracker: Running Distance +
  • RunGo
  • MapMyRun
  • Runkeeper
  • Nike+ Run Club
  • Runtastic
  • Strava
  • Puma Trac

First we will look at what main features these apps support on the Free version vs Premium versions, the price and plans for premium versions, what wearable they support and overall pro’s and cons to all.

Lets get started….

Run Tracker


Run Tracker by Israeli company Fitness22 has had a lot of success over the last few years, starting off developing apps to get people into fitness such as their 5K Runner app, so they are no newbies to the world of fitness app development. Especially so as the founder and CEO of Fitness22 wanted to build a fitness app that he personally wanted to use, and the result of this iis Run Tracker, and it’s getting rave reviews. What makes Run Tracker unique from other apps is down to the silky user interface, and a packed features list even on the free version of the app. Run Tracker also claims to be the most accurate running app on the market for distance and time tracking.

‘Out of the box’ Run Tracker features include ‘Freestyle Running Mode’ to track your runs, , customisable voice feedback, integrated Music players that connects to Apple Music and allows you to select multiple playlists to use for your workouts.

The Free version includes just one mode which is Freestyle Running, and will track runs via GPS and keep a history of these. You can track total distance, min:sec, total runs and calories on this run. A great feature of Run Tracker is that you can customise the workout screen between content areas. This allows you to select views between Distance, Duration, Ave pace, Current Pace, Calories and Heart Rate. This type of customisation is common on fitness watches such as Garmin but is a great addition to the app.

But Run Tracker really gets serious when you sign up to the premium version which unlocks 13 Plans that you can choose from, these include plans such as: ‘Couch Potato to 5k Runner’ “5k to 10K”  3 x Plans aimed at Weight Loss, High Intensity Workouts and long-distance plans too. All of these include built in voice coaching but require you to upgrade and take out either a subscription or one-off payment for lifetime access.  The plans cost £9.49 for 1 month, £26.99 for 1 year or £38.99 for lifetime.

App Reviews are high for this App, currently Run Tracker has a Rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 103 ratings from the current version.


  • Dedicated to running.
  • Simple but very slick and customisable user interface
  • Tons of settings to configure how you use the app.
  • Apple Health Connectivity
  • Apple Music Connectivity
  • Accurate and no nonsense tracking
  • Heart Rate accessory support


  •    Basic features compared to others.
  •    Only 1 mode available on the free version
  •    Training plans require premium upgrade
  •    Plans need a subscription or one off payment.
  •    No Apple Watch version support as yet.
  •    No Spotify in app support

Current App Store Rating: 4.9 out of 5 out of 120 reviews on current version (3.1)

RunGo – Voice Guided Running Routes

RunGoOne of the most innovative features of RunGo is the ability to create routes of your own or find routes in your local area (or anywhere you choose!) directly on mobile. Creating routes is simple and effective, by simply tapping on the map (embedded Google Map) you can instantly map out your route. Not only does this join the taps on the map, it will measure the distance in real-time so you can create routes to the exact distance you want to challenge. You can also choose between ‘Follow Roads’ which maps your route to the roads and paths to get you there, or simply ‘Point to Point’ which will just map “as the crow flies” which maybe an option for those who want to run cross country!  What is great is that you can combine the both, so choose ‘Follow Road’ for part of the route, then point to point at the rest. Once you have created a route you can save it then start the run. Rungo also has an Augmented Reality Option which will turn on your phones camera and then display an arrow showing you which direction you should be moving in. Its an interesting feature and shows that the developer is really looking to innovate but in reality it’s unclear how useful (or safe) this would be when running. Perhaps it’s more useful when hiking, but then you must consider the extra battery its consuming with the camera and screen on for this feature to work

As you would imagine, the core (free) use of the App to track runs is front and centre of the design and RunGo includes a decent level of features such as:

  •    Run with turn by turn navigation online or offline
  •    Create your own routes directly in the app itself
  •    Browse existing routes
  •    Share with other users

Upgrading to the Premium version (£1.99 a month / £9.99 yearly) will give you access to these features:

  •    Premium Routes – Access safe and scenic routes worldwide
  •    GPX Export – Export routes and runs in the GPX Format
  •    Rungo Live – Allow Friends to follow you on your runs
  •    Apple Watch – Sync unlimited routes to your watch.
  •    No in app Apple Music or Spotify Support

The very reasonable price for Premium (compared to other apps) is tempting to get all the features of Rungo.

Rungo also has a plethora of options and settings allowing you to control speech updates (miles / time etc), both on phone and on Apple Watch, and even goes a step further and allows you to control at what distance from the turn you can ask for instructions between 300ft, 600ft or 1200ft before.


  •    Ability to create and share your own routes
  •    Uses turn by turn navigation which is also controllable in the settings.
  •    Lots of great features out of the box.
  •    Very Reasonable Premium upgrade price.
  •    Ability to create groups
  •    Apple Watch Version (Standalone or 2nd Screen)
  •    Augmented Reality Mode
  •    Simple but very slick and customisable user interface
  •    Apple Health Connectivity


  •    May not have as much running data for some runners.
  •    No Heart Rate information recorded.
  •    No in-app Apple Music connectivity
  •    No in-app Spotify connectivity

Current App Store Rating: 4.6 out of 5 out of 28 reviews on current version (5.5.3)



One of the true original players in the GPS Sports Fitness Apps with a very well established customer base. The company was founded in 2007 and acquired by Under Armour in 2013. MapMyRun is part of a family of products which includes, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, and MapMyWalk. It is based off a an open platform which allows it to be integrated into more than 500 fitness tracking devices, sensors and wearables.

The stats for 2017 are quite staggering which posted that in this year:

  •    Miles Logged: 824,040,913
  •    Total Workouts: 223,293,042 (Equivalent to Mexico population)
  •    Hours Logged: 179,596,163 (Equivalent to 20,500 years
  •   Calories Burned: 92,762,178,725 (Enough to power Empire State Building for 7 years)
  •    Routes Created: 160,936,847

That is a lot of sweat that has been shed! – With these types of stats its not hard to see why they are a popular choice for the fitness minded. So let’s have a look at the features of this App and why this might be the right choice for you.

MapMyRun has managed to cram a lot of options and features into their app even for non premium users. It has the choice of over 600 activities to choose between, anything from Ballroom Dancing (!) to Bowling, Gardening to Gymnastics or just..running! So there is no chance of you finding one that is unsuitable to your workouts here. As you might expect this feature-rich app has many options to customise your workouts too with coaching, voice feedback, Live Pause, and Live Tracking just some of the basics available to you. And being owned by a sports brand it’s no surprise that you can also log your gear (shoes, clothing and other equipment too) presumably this is so you (and Under Armour) can keep track of when you are due an upgrade and can send recommendation of their own products.

But a real key feature, and one that made this App so popular in the first place is the web-app that allows you to…Map your Run. This is a really useful tool where you can log in with your account and using an Google Map iFrame you can point and click around to create your own routes that can then be sent to your mobile device. Its really easy to use and is a fantastic way to plan your next workouts. Once you have mapped your route simply send this to your mobile which will then sync straight away and you are ready to go.

The Voice coaching is advanced with the option to call out prompts at either distance, duration, and then include pace (average and current) split time, heart rate. It will also provide feedback if you have set a specific goal i.e. 10 miles but providing encouragement as you progress!

Apple Watch is supported as a 2nd Screen, and as yet there is no option to have a standalone version of the watch running, so you will need your iphone to be with you when using the wearable version. Unlike many other Apps Watch versions, The Watch version has a fantastic UI with lots of data available, Including Time, Duration and Pace and Heart Rate, including Recovery zones.

The App can be integrated with other apps or devices too such as Garmin Connect, MyFitness Pal and various heart rate monitors including Fitbit, Jawbone, Polar, and all Under Armour Connected devices. If you are using this for Cycling, then there are many options to configure your app to ensure the data is accurate including tyre sizes, Bike Cadence, Power, Stride Sensor and many more.

Apple Music integration is supported, allowing you to sync your playlists, Artists or Albums and control whether to shuffle, repeat and allow AutoPlay. Its shame though that you are not able to control Music within the Watch App meaning you would need to either use remote on your headphones or switch to the Music App on Phone or Watch to change. What is really cool about the music support on MapMyRun is it will publish your ‘soundtrack’ to the workout, i.e. if you were listening to ‘The Prodigy’ it will show which tracks in order these were played!

It’s not surprising either to learn that MayMyRun has established a big user-community and has many excellent features for you to connect with your friends or other like-minded fitness enthusiasts.  The community tab on the app allows you to view all the latest updates from around the world, where you can view, comment  or like people’s posts, see what your friends have been up to.

MapMyRun really does have it all, but whether or not you want to spend the extra money to unlock the full features maybe a blocker, especially if you are happy with the offerings of the free version, but if you are looking for a fully featured, customizable, all rounder that does exactly what you would expect from a fitness app, then look no further.


  •    Huge amount of features available
  •    Almost every activity type support.
  •    Ability to map your routes that are synced to your mobile.
  •    Great Community Features
  •    Tons of connected gear and apps.
  •    Excellent Voice Coaching
  •    Training Plans (Premium)
  •    Apple Health Connectivity
  •    Apple Music Connectivity
  •    Spotify Connectivity
  •    Apple Watch Support (2nd Screen only)


  • Premium Version required for Live Tracking, Training Plans and HR Zones
  • Expensive for Premium
  • No Standalone Apple Watch version

Current App Store Rating: 4.7 out of 5 out of 11.2k reviews on current version (17.12.2)



Runkeeper is another GPS Enabled Fitness App that has been around nearly from the start of the Smartphone era. Established in 2008 and like many other Fitness Apps was acquired by a sports brand, this time by Asics in 2016. With over 50 million users and counting, Runkeeper has a high level of features that should satisfy the casual runner, or the fitness enthusiasts alike. Runkeeper was named best of App Store in 2015, quite an achievement for such a busy market so let’s take a look at why this App has such accolade and maybe the choice for you.

Out of the box on the free version there are a lot of good features for you to enjoy straight away, the premium features are reserved for Live Tracking, Training Plans, Deeper Insights and Workout Comparisons, so if these are important to you, consider that an upgrade will be required from the start. You can try Free for 7 days or the cost is £7.99 per month or £30 a year (Equ to £2.50 a month) which is cheaper than many others available.

Whats interesting is that Runkeeper can also track while in your pocket ‘Pocket Tracking’ allowing you to automatically track any walks or runs that are 15 mins or longer. Although the Apple Health also does this, Runkeeper will add these to your profile.

Runkeeper is big on challenges, and from this menu you are able to view many community and official based challenges to participate in. This could be anything from a 5k challenge to specific event preparation challenges for actual events around the world. And what is great about these is that if you complete certain challenges you will receive exclusive discounts for entry fees into the event too. In Challenges you can also create a running group of your own and set the requirements (Weekly Frequency, Weekly Distance or Monthly Distance), how many miles you want the group to run and for how many months.

You are also able to save your previous routes and load these to challenge them for the next time you step out. Unfortunately there is no option to download routes from other users, friends or via the community.

Music can be integrated (Apple Music and Spotify) although you can only select a Playlist, and not specific Albums or Artists.

Voice Coaching is included and has the choice of 6 voices from Drill Instructor, to ‘Mademoiselle’ depending on what type of companion you would like with you on your runs! The options for coaching can be customised to read stats for Pace, Speed, Split, Average and Current Heart rate, but limited to Time or Duration for milestone updates.

The Apple Watch version is very well supported and has the options to be either used as a standalone version (i.e. without your iphone with you) or as a companion. Standalone version will use the Watch’s built in GPS (Watch Series 2 and Up) for GPS Tracking but will not include voice coaching. Or using this as Watch+iPhone means you can can use this as a 2nd screen companion and get all of the features from the iPhone version to your watch. What is also a great feature of the watch version is the GPS Signal Strength shown on the watch face itself. Runkeeper also have some planned updates for the Watch App upcoming which they say are for improved activity tracking and syncing as well as some other features that have been requested.

Runkeeper is indeed a good all-rounder with an established user-base and excellent features including wearable support too. It may not have as vast a list of supported features, activity types or connected apps and gear, but this may not be negative either, keeping things simple with support for what you need could be the best way for you. Its shame that many of the more interesting enhancements require an upgrade to a premium account but this isn’t different from what many other runnings apps already do too.


  •    Beautiful, Clean, Simple UI that gets your run started quickly without fuss.
  •    Ability to save your routes and challenge them again
  •    Excellent Challenges available to download.
  •    Great support for Apple Watch (Standalone or Companion Support)
  •    Excellent choice for Voice Coaching
  •    Apple Health Connectivity
  •    Apple Music Connectivity
  •    Spotify Connectivity


  •    Not as feature-rich as some other Apps available.
  •    Premium Version required for Live Tracking, Training Plans
  •    No Friends Leaderboards or Community Boards
  •    Not able to share or download community routes.

Current App Store Rating: 4.4 out of 5 out of 387 reviews on current version (8.6.1)

Nike + Run Club


Nike Run + Run Club has been for many years now an extremely popular app for runners all around the world and has established itself as the cool new ‘frontrunner’ in GPS Fitness tracking. With its sleek user interface and big community features, it’s easy to see what has made this app so well-liked. Nike Run Club has firmly positioned itself with runners who use Apple Watch too with its dedicated app being a real showcase for the watch is capable of doing. Of course it needed to be since Apple have their own series of Nike + Apple Watches to help promote the watch as a fitness device front-and-centre and the Nike + Apple Watches have their own dedicated Nike watch faces to use which embody the brand and functionality ever more.  

What’s clear from the very beginning is that this looks and feels like a premium app, with excellent UI and easy to use menus and navigation.. You can get started straight away with ‘Quickstart’ which you just hit Start and get going or configure by adding Distance, Duration or Speed goals as part of this. Also the option to quickly access your Music or other settings.

If you want to further customise your workout you can choose Guided Runs. Guided runs is a selection of pre-defined workouts that are either compiled by Lead Athletes such as Shalane Flanagan, Mo Farrah or Eliud Kipchonge or select one that Nike Run has provided such as ‘Just a Run’ for 31 minutes, 15 Minutes Speed Workouts. These are a nice feature as you are given voice coaching against these and are a good way to try different runs and not just the usual flat, distance or time runs.

My Coach is another options available which will help you to achieve your goals, and set a plan for you to follow which, depending on your requirements will include certain distances to complete week by week and also any rest days that are required too. You set what your goal is and the ideal schedule you can manage and it will then populate the plan for you. This will outline the plan week by week so you can track your progress. This is a very cool way to keep motivated and see how your tracking. You can cancel this plan at anytime and restart a new one if required.

The simple but clean interface allows you get straight into action too, from the main app page you can just hit quick start to get moving, which will then use your customisation options to monitor your run.

Then you have the Run Club itself, which as the name of the app might suggest, is featured heavily here. In the Club, you have 3 main areas, Leaderboards, Events and Community. Leaderboards allow you to view how you rank against your friends activities and can be filtered by week, month and year. So the more friends you have added the more interesting this feature becomes, and will certainly provide motivation to get out and challenge to show everyone what your capable of.

Events gives you the chance to search and join a global community of runners and at the same time receive expert guidance from NRC coaches and Pacers too. Although when we tested this, searching for a running event in London came back with zero events for this club. At present it seems that the options to search is limited to major cities so it’s unlikely you will find any that are local to where you live should you fall outside of these metropolitan areas.

Community is dedicated to bringing like minded runners and event participants together. At present this feature is limited to searching via hashtags and those are all Nike published such as #NRC, #nikeplus #JustDoIt and #MoveWith#Heart although Nike announced that Challenged will be coming soon and repurposing this page, so expect this to be more refined at a later date.

The ‘Feed’ option on the App acts as a noticeboard for all your friends activities which includes a summary of their workouts, photos and allows you to like or comment on these. Its a good way to keep track of what your contacts on NRC have been up to and give kudos or comment on them. Under your Activity Tab you can also view your achievements which are a set of predefined goals and run levels that are awarded by NRC, this is yet another cool feature to keep you motivated.

The Apple Watch version is simply excellent and provides rich-features and is not just a companion app. You can view activities (last runs, months) match the last run you did with one simple tap, set your distance, duration or speed all within the watch itself. On top of all of this you can even select a guided run with a superb clear interface straight from your wrist. Together with adding and selecting your music playlist (also controllable from the watch) and setting a schedule time for a run, NRC really has pushed the fitness wearable to a higher level.

NRC is no doubt a well rounded fitness companion, and has many cool features into one well designed and slick app. What’s probably its biggest plus though is that it’s completely Free, you are never hounded to upgrade or bombarded with adverts, this is a real bonus. Whats more you have many features available to you from the start, which many other apps hold back until you upgrade. With a robust and well designed Apple Watch support that can be used as a standalone version, there is no reason not to try this app, and we expect you will love it.


  •    Completely Free to use with no ads or persistent upgrade nagging.
  •    A dedicated running app
  •    Excellent Voice Coaching
  •    Guided Runs with real-world athletes
  •    My Coach training plans to set a schedule that works for you to achieve goals.
  •    Great community features, and friends leaderboards
  •    Excellent feature-rich Apple Watch support with guided runs and ability to control your music from the watch and view map post run.
  •    Apple Music Connectivity
  •    Spotify Music Connectivity


  •    No Live Tracking, although you can send ‘cheers’ when friends start an activity
  •    Community features are light at present

Current App Store Rating: 4.6 out of 5 out of 6.38k reviews on current version (5.11.2)

Runtastic (Adidas Running)


Runtastic have been around for some time now, one of the true veterans of the fitness app market they were established in October 2009 in Austria and since firmly established themselves as one of the main players in the self movement, activity tracking apps available. Like many others acquired by a sports brand, Runtastic was bought by Adidas in 2015. Runtastic has a range of products and apps, but since we are reviewing for running, we’ll focus this on the Runtastic offering for this sport only. Interestingly when you search Runtastic on the App Store you find 2 versions, Runtastic Running and Fitness (Free version) and Runtastic Running Tracker PRO (Paid for) more on the PRO version later as we look at the free version.

Runtastic has always been a popular choice for its ease of use, feature-rich app that gets you started quickly with some cool options to configure your workouts that suit your requirements. There are essentially 2 versions of the base-app the Free and Pro versions but whatever version you have they both require a subscription to ‘Premium’ if you want to unlock the full features that Runstatic offer. Here is a breakdown of what is included in the Free version vs. Pro version.

The App itself has 5 main areas,

News Feed – allowing you to view your own activities and those of your friends that you have added, you can then like or comment on each of these. Whats great here is it will also display a map view of your run (if outdoors) which users can tap on to view the full details including the stats too.

Progress – Is basically here to show your activities and allow you to set a goal to achieve. Also in this menu you can view leaderboards, your progres against your set goal and which shoes you are currently wearing. This will also give you the distance you have travelled in the shoes to presumably guide you as to when your due a new pair.

Activity – Front and centre, getting down to business. This will bring up the main screen allowing you to choose a few options such as music to sync, and activity type. When selecting Activity type you can also customise your workout before you start such as sport type, workout goals, voice coach, live tracking, and countdown to start. When you are ready..hit Start to get going.

Plan – Reserved for premium membership, but this is where you can set your training plans which can be selected via various predefined options such as Weight Loss, Beginner, 10k, Marathon or even ‘Bikini Body Prep’

Profile is the 5th tab which allows you to view account information such as friends, groups, leaderboards and records that you have achieved.

Apple Watch Support – Runtastic has always managed to support as many wearables as possible, and were one of the first to support the Apple Watch Series 1. They recently came under a bit of fire when an update went out that only supported a standalone version of the app, which meant that anyone using Series 1 of the Watch could no longer use the watch as a 2nd screen and were also not able to track via GPS without their iPhone so rendered this version redundant for those users. Runstastic were quick to respond to this and has since updated the app to allow the option to choose between using the watch as a 2nd Screen ‘Companion’ app, keeping the purists happy or having the Watch run as a standalone version too although this does has some limitations such as no live tracking or voice coaching. This was a smart move by Runtastic as it caters for the choice of the runner.

Here is a breakdown of Free vs Premium versions.


Feature Free  Pro 
Syncs to the cloud
Has Voice Coaching
Free Application
Has Voice Feedback (basic app voice for distance/time)  
Has Auto Pause  
Tracks Elevation
Apple Watch Support
Live Tracking
Includes Premium

Seeing the features above, its really a choice you would need to make as to whether you want to unlock more standard features with the Pro version such as tracking elevation and voice coaching (other than in app progress updates) Its also ad free which in itself is a benefit most would probably want to go for.

Premium Upgrade

As mentioned above, whether you have the free or paid version you will still need to upgrade and subscribe to a premium version which is currently £39.99 per year which is more or less in line with other premium fitness apps. With Premium you get the following features:

  •    Dedicated Training Plans (Set your goals and let Runtastic build a schedule)
  •    Allow auto-pause during workouts.
  •    Nutrition Plans
  •    Routes (Find new routes or create your own)
  •    Interval Training
  •    Goals and Records (Set & reach personal goals to track & challenge)
  •    Real-Voice Coaching – Dedicated Motivational voice coaching.
  •    Custom Heart Rate zones.
  •    Choose a ‘Powersong’ from your playlist or album.

Runtastic is yet another solid app that will suit the majority of people looking for an app to track their runs and the free version here really does have a lot of qualities that may be enough for you. But in order to really unlock its full list of options you will need to upgrade to the Pro version then subscribe to Premium to get the most out of this. With a good Apple Watch support and the options to set yourself goals Runtastic would be a smart choice to try out and see why it’s still one of the most popular running apps on the app store.


  •    Decent amount of features available on free version.
  •    Live Tracking available with cheering.
  •    Easy to use and
  •    Apple Health Connectivity
  •    Apple Music Connectivity with Powersong option
  •    Apple Watch Support for both standalone or companion


  •    No Spotify Connectivity
  •    Pro version required for elevation and voice coaching
  •    Premium Upgrade needed for Training Plans, Intervals, and Auto-Pause

Current App Store Rating: 3.6 out of 5 from 41 reviews on current version (8.1.1) Pro version 4.0 out of 5 from 33 ratings



Established in 2009 and going by the tagline of “The Social Network for Athletes” Strava as risen to impressive heights in the last 8 years especially with cyclists however the running features still position itself well in the self motivational, fitness apps market and now has a large core user-base which is growing stronger by the day.


One of the key features of Strava for which its been a success is probably down to the ‘segments’ data which is tracked. This allows for real time alerts when approaching a favorite Strava segments that you have defined, then see a motivating visualization as you cycle or run. You’ll then get instantaneous data of your time in the moment, and then how this compares to your personal best, to your friends or the current King / Queen of the Mountain (KOM/QOM) or Course Records. On the website you can explore segments that others have created and view the times for all that have attempted it, along with their times. This is a fantastic motivational tool for anyone wanting to get online kudos or just challenge friends and other runners or cyclits.

Strava also has its own route creator too which can be set up on the website only, but this is a great way to plan your next run or cycle. This is a well developed system where you can set your waypoints which join as you map it out, on top of this you can also select a ‘popularity’ toggle to show what other Strava users have created or routes they use. Strava also has an excellent option to select your minimum elevation so that you can increase / decrease the flats on the route. These combined allow you to really develop a suitable route that you can then send to your mobile device ready to start. Once you have created you route you can the view this online and then make it either public or private, when you are happy then you can save it and this will then be available to view on the mobile version.

The Free version has excellent base features but there is an option for Premium too which  unlocks:

  • Live Tracking ‘Beacon’ – sharing your real time location with friends or family during workouts.
  • Goals – Annual and Weekly Goals to help training and track your fitness
  • Live Performance Data – Integrate HR monitor (Suffer Score) and power data into your activities.
  • Segments can be filtered by age or weight
  • Training Videos
  • See Active Friends
  • Website:
    • Detailed Race Analysis
    • Personal Heat-maps
    • Trophies

The Strava Club – This option allows you to join the ‘club’ and view all activities and events from the global community. This is accessible via the ‘Explore’ tab and is an excellent way to view leaderboards of other users. There is also a challenge tab which features various challenges set that you can join and participate in. Again this is another excellent feature of Strava that plays heavily on the community of users.

This is only limited to San Francisco at the moment so may not be as useful or interesting for those looking for local clubs and events.

The Free version of Strava is packed full of great features, which are available to you without a subscription, this includes obviously standard GPS Tracking with Pace/Distance/Time etc, Auto Pausing, Audio Clues, and Live Segment updates so there is plenty for anyone wanting to try out Strava without being asked to subscribe for features that other apps charge for.

Probably the standout reason for Strava is the popularity of the app, its likely you will find more friends using Strava than other apps in this list, and this goes a long way to sticking to the app as you want to maintain your history, challenges, segments and routes. While it might not have as much depth, options or slick usability as some of the other big players it has everything most people would need from a fitness tracker, and also include the option to upgrade to more if you wanted to and if you are someone that loves to brag or let as many people you know that you are out…then this is the app for you.

The Apple Watch version does what it needs to…but no more. It functions as a standalone app so there is no need to have your iphone with you when you run, but this means that you are unable to use as a 2nd screen and therefore you only have the basic measurements available to you such as Split time, distance and Heart Rate. There are no options to control music, view segments, or route or configure the watch screen to display different measurements that might be more important to you. It does however have audio clues which is important inclusion as not all watch versions from other apps manage this.


  •    Lots of good features on the standard (free version)
  •    Ability to create your own routes from the website.
  •    Heavy on competition and leaderboards
  •    Features “Segments” which you can create or challenge
  •    Large user base which support local clubs to join or create.
  •    Apple Watch Support
  •    Support for many other fitness devices including Garmin, Polar, Samsung.


  •    Premium version is expensive £44.99 for 1 year
  •    Not as feature-rich as some of other apps available.
  •    No in-app Apple Music connectivity or Spotify integration
  •    No in-app Spotify connectivity
  •    Limited Audio Clues
  •    No Live tracking on free version

Current App Store Rating: 4.2 out of 5 from 602 reviews on current version (26.0.0)



This was a late entry into our analysis since it was not one that we had previously used or known of, but PUMATRAC is worth of a review since its a clean, no-nonsense and very well designed fitness app that deserves to be taken seriously as a contender.  First off its import to note that this is a 100% Free app and support more than 30 activities. PUMATRAC also offers a social leaderboard to interact with other users, has Spotify and Apple Music integration, a discovery option for new running routes and much more too.

What is key here is that Puma have kept things simple, but in doing so they have managed to focus on the important aspects of any fitness app…getting you out the door and get fit quickly and easily and using the app is fun intuitive thanks to the excellent UI and screen layouts…there is no clutter on any of the screen when using which made a refreshing change, helped probably by the unfussy black and white colour palette sed for the menu and buttons.

Starting a run is easy, and you can do this straight from the main home page of the app when you are presented with a straightforward screen which displays the time of day, weather and location as well as the ever important START button. You can however select your music from this page (Spotify and Apple Music Support) as well as access Social Activities too. But for those who just want to get going, hit Start and away you go…no worries here.

Right out of the box PUMATRAC supports Audio Feedback on runs for time, distance and pace all of which can be configured for the frequency of each and male or female options for all supported languages.

PUMATRAC’s Social Integration is limited but it’s fun and easy to use and connect to others around you. There is an option to use a slider to filter on Social feeds from 1km to 100km away. It also has Leaderboard support but this is limited to Country Specific and you cannot drill down to more local areas as you can with the social filters unfortunately.

TRAC Score

Puma has developed its own proprietary scoring system called TRAC which awards your points for all activities that you do, this is based on duration and the conditions that you trained in i.e. weather, day of the week and location and personal behaviours such as how music choices effect your performance. Trac scores are awarded to your profile and then are used to feed data for the built in Insights function. This is a very unique feature as it attempts to learn what motivates you the most and help guide you to more successful activities.  

Explore – Routes can be saved once you have completed a run and these can then be shared for others to view and challlenge. Or you have the option to view routes others have created that are searchable via a Google Map style widget, you can also filter down on distance of the route between 0-10mi / 10-20 mi / 20+ mi. This whole Explore area looks and feels great and is very simple and easy to use, the problem for us was there was simply not enough routes for us to view when we ran the test.

Apple Watch support as standard for any iOS Fitness app, but PUMATRAC goes a little further than standard support, they have 3 main screen one for your time, distance and kcal burned, 2nd screen for pace min/mile and speed (mph/kph) but interestingly they also support a map view on the 3rd screen which is a unique aspect to PUMATRAC as we have not seen this on other apps other than Nike+ Run Club which shows a map at the end of the workout on the Watch. This might be useful if you are running in an unfamiliar area and need to see where you might be and how you get home, but fair play to Puma for supporting maps within the Watch version. There is also the option to choose between many different activities directly on the Watch before you start your session. It was a shame though that you cannot control the music from your watch, meaning you would need to use the mobile app to control instead.

Overall we were impressed with PUMATRAC, its simplicity to use but with deeper-learning features that aim to keep you motivated, and with leaderboards/achievements a substantial social interaction and routes to explore and challenge there is a lot on offer for this app. The app is also free and this is commendable since many other fitness apps charge a premium for some of the options available as standard here. PUMATRAC should be consider above most others as one to try as you may well find as we did, that this has everything you need (and likely more) from a fitness app.


  •    Simple, Easy to use and well designed fitness app.
  •    100% Free, no ads, or nagging for upgrades.
  •    Save your routes and share on social or challenge others
  •    Apple Watch Support (Both 2nd screen or standalone)
  •    Apple Music Support
  •    Spotify Support
  •    Great Social Integration
  •    Over 30 activities supported
  •    Save your routes and Explore and challenges those from other users
  •    Pebble Smartwatch Support
  •    Auto Pause


  •    Maybe not as feature rich as some might require
  •    Cannot create you own routes from scratch
  •    Very few routes to explore from other users.
  •    No website support for insights or other data used in the app.
  •    No Apple Health support

Current App Store Rating: *not enough ratings* on current version (3.0.3)

Overall Comparison Summary:

Run Tracker

RunGo Map My Run Runkeeper Nike+ Run Club Runtastic Strava Puma Tra c
Free Version Available

Ad-Free on Free version

Premium Upgrade Cost p/y £26.99 £9.99 £29.99 £29.99 n/a £39.99 £44.99


Syncs to the cloud

Live Tracking

Premium Only Premium Only Premium Only Premium Only



Voice Coach (Updates)

Route Creation in App

Route Creation on Web

Auto Pause

Tracks Elevation

Apple Health Support

Apple Watch Standalone Support

Apple Watch Companion Only

Apple Music Support

Spotify Support



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Official Limassol Marathon Photos 2019


bibsnapper_limassol are very excited to announce that we are the official and affiliated photography partner for the OPAP Limassol Marathon 2019 and we are happy to be here in Limassol.

Photos will be posted over the next few days after the events are completed, so look out for updates to follow. If you are a registered runner at this weekends events you will receive an email when the photos are available.

To Find Yourself in action simply enter your bib number into the search bar to show any photos you are in. Add to your basket for secure checkout and instantly receive your image.

More information on the event: 

The Limassol Marathon is part of an annual European race series which takes place in Limassol, Cyprus. It was first run in 2006 and the tenth anniversary marathon was held on 10 April 2016.

Fully accredited by AIMS, the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO is a flat course which follows the Mediterranean coastline. From the centre of the city, along the beachfront, to the ruins of the ancient Royal city of Amathus, and back to the city. 42.195 kilometres. 26.2188 miles. 26.2188 smiles.

AddressFranklin Roosevelt 86, Limassol 3011

Course & Difficulty:

The OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO course is of a low degree of difficulty. The course begins at the center of the city and follows the Mediterranean coastline along the beachfront, to the ruins of the ancient Royal City of Amathus and back to the city.

Weekend Race Programme

Essential Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Thanks/ Ευχαριστώ

The Bibsnapper team

🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️

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Limassol Marathon Fast Approaching

Limassol Marathon 2019 is fast Approaching

The OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO is the largest sports event in Cyprus featuring six races and four parallel events. The 13th edition will take place on the 23rd and 24th of March 2019.

The FLAT, FAST and COASTAL routes guarantee a first-class running experience for our thousands of local and international runners as well as a perfect setting to set and break new Personal Bests.

With less than 30 days to go until the event, things are starting to get real, we hope your training is going well and you are getting prepared for the big weekend.

Bibsnapper, the Official Photography Partner will be there to support and don’t forget to smile for the cameras throughout the whole weekend and during the race! – Images of the event will be available shortly after the races complete so just visit the site and enter your bib number to find yourself in action!

Event Information can be found here

Essential information can be found here

Good Luck and we will be posting more soon


Dubai Marathon 2019

The Dubai Marathon (official name Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon) is an annual marathon running race held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The race is to be held on the 25th of January this year, the first was run on 14 January 2000. The 2008 race would become the world’s richest long distance running event in history, with one million dollars offered for a world record and $250,000 for first place for both the men and women.
The 2008 race was won by Haile Gebrselassie in a time of 2:04:53, making it the second fastest marathon ever at that time, but not fast enough to claim a world record and the million dollar prize.
The Marathon Route will start on the Umm Suqeim Road at the Madinat Jumeirah. The course is mainly along the sea front. The finish line before the Dubai Police Academy and is a great route for runners and Photographers.

We look forward to seeing the event unfold and see all the photographs and videos taken at this event.
Good Luck from the Bibsnapper team this weekend!



Athens Marathon 2018

Athens Marathon 2018

The Athens Marathon is coming up on Sunday 11th of November 2018. With around 18,000 runners competing in the full marathon. There will be nearly 40,000 runners in total competing in a 5k and a 10k as well as the iconic full 42.2km race.

The marathon course is based on the legend race, ran from the battle of marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks’ victory over the Persians. The competitive race is traced back to the Marathon race at the 1869 Olympics. The Athens Classic Marathon began in 1972.

For those taking photographs this weekend there could not be a better backdrop. The main event will end in the Panathenaic Stadium. This stadium hosted opening and closing ceremonies of the first Olympic games in 1869.

To all photographers – please upload your Athens Marathon Photographs as soon as possible. To all the runners good luck. Please search by your bib number so see photos of you on the big day. – find yourself


Chelmsford Marathon Photos


Chelmsford Marathon 2018

    When:  Sunday October 21st 2018

    Where:  Chelmsford, CM2 0RW (map)
    How much:  Affiliated – £40.00 / Non Affiliated – £42.00

Click HERE for a Map of the course 

Photos available HERE Simply enter your bib number to find yourself.

Its nearly time again for the Chelmsford Marathon 2018 and its not too late to sign up to take part in this event. This is the 5th year for the Marathon and continues to get bigger every year. The course takes you through the iconic Central and Admirals Park before sending runners into the beautiful Essex countryside surrounding the city.  This includes through the picturesque villages of Roxwell, Radley Green, Shellow Cross and Newney Green.

Entry fee includes a bespoke medal, technical runner shirt, goody bag, refreshments on route and chip timing. The race village provides toilets, baggage and changing facilities and refreshments.

The route will be well marshalled and sign posted with lead cyclists and a sweep runner. Pacers will be supporting runners looking to achieve times of 3.30 to 5.30 (in 15-min time slots). There will be regular water stations to keep runners hydrated and bottled water at the finish.

On completion of the race all finishers will receive a commemorative medal, technical T-shirt and goody bag. There will be trophies for the first three male and female runners across the line, male and female age category winners and individual team winners.

Back at the Central Park race hub, there will be great facilities including a free bag drop, sports therapists, and running supply shop, music and most importantly, hot and cold refreshments!

The Chelmsford Marathon raises vital funds for The J’s Hospice, which is Essex’s only community-based hospice service wholly dedicated to caring for young adults with life-limiting illnesses: providing tailored nursing and emotional care, advice and activities in their home or in the community.

Sign Up Here

Good luck to all the runners and participants this year!


Click Here to view the photos taken by the BIBSNAPPER team last year.


Anyone planning to take photos at the event can upload them to Its fast, free and easy. Sign up today


The Great South Run 2018 Photos and Information






The Great South Run is a 10 miles race through historic Portsmouth. This is a great distance for any budding endurance runner. This fast and flat 10-mile route tours Portsmouth’s sites, including Portsmouth Cathedral, the Spinnaker Tower and the HMS Victory. You may even get to hear HM Royal Marines band who often perform to passing runners. It was originally held in Southampton but the race moved to its current course. The Great South Run has been running since 1990. The Great South Run has become one of Europe’s most popular mass participation races over 10 miles, with a record 21,000 entries for the 2009 race.

When – Sunday October 21st 2018
Where – Portsmouth UK
How Much – £42

Time Simplyhealth Great South Run timetable – Sunday 21 October
07:00 Car parking on Southsea Common and information point opens
07:30 Baggage room opens at the Pyramid Centre
09:00 Start assembly area open
10:15 Simplyhealth Great South Run elite women’s race start
10:19 Start of wave for fast self-propelled wheelchairs and visually impaired runners
10:35 Simplyhealth Great South Run elite men and ORANGE wave start
10:52 Start of WHITE wave
11:09 Start of GREEN wave


The Course:

Starting and finishing on Clarence Esplanade in Southsea, the fast and flat course takes you through Old Portsmouth, home of the Portsmouth Cathedral before entering the Historic Dockyard. From here you’re granted permission to run past the Royal Navy’s current naval ships, and some of the most famous in the world including HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose museum.

After exiting the Dockyard you reach the halfway point on Winston Churchill Avenue, before making your way back towards Southsea Common, where you’ll complete the final two miles on the scenic seafront.

The course is steeped in history dating as far back as 1212 and features charity cheering points, boost zones, bands on the run and unrivalled support from local residents and spectators.

There has been some famous winners of this event including Mo Farah won the race in 2009. Paula Radcliffe won the women’s race in 2008 in a time of 51 minutes 11 seconds.

Due to the large number of runners this will be a fantastic event for photographers and runners alike. Good luck this Sunday from the bibsnapper team.

Anyone wanting to take photos at the event can upload them to Its fast, free and easy. Sign up today

BIBSNAPPER teams up with OPAP Limassol Marathon 2019 are very excited to announce that we have been selected as the official photography partner for the OPAP Limassol Marathon 2019. The event itself takes place next March over the weekend of March 19-20 and attracts over 10,000 runners from all over the world. The event is split into 6 events that are suitable for all types of runners from 5k to the full marathon!

What’s more, the event offers special packages for participants which include 40% discount on race entry + OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO technical t-shirt , lowest accommodation rates across a range of 3, 4 and 5-star hotels, pasta party pass, finisher’s photo, race pack delivery to the hotel and transportation to the start line. Click here to find out more

There are still places up for grabs if you want to register at this event, head over to their website now to find out more about the event and how you can register to take part.

We will be posting more updates over the coming months in the run up to the event so keep an eye out for these announcements at

Are you an event organiser? Then get in touch with us today to find out how we can support your event. Or if you are an independent photographer interested in getting involved? Then register today for a free account and find out how you can earn money from the photos that you take at any event in the world.


Bibsnapper team

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Peterborough Half Marathon Photos 2018

Peterborough Half Marathon Photos 2018




  • When:  Sunday October 14th 2018
  • Where:  Peterborough
  • How much:  Affiliated – £29 / Non Affiliated – £31

Entry Link

The Perkins Great Eastern Run is a running event that takes place every year in Peterborough, United Kingdom This years event will take place on the 14th of October starting at 10.30 am. The event returned in 2006 after a 10-year absence and is growing in popularity every year. In 2013 the Perkins Great Eastern Run, which took place on 13 October, reached a record number entries, which was beaten in 2016 when 4262 runners ran the half-marathon and 1257 people took part in the Anna’s Hope Fun Run. Organisers reported that at one stage during the event more than 10,000 people were in the crowds on The Embankment as runners crossed the finish line. In 2017, numbers declined very slightly with 4193 finishers in the half-marathon.  There are 3 events on the day this year.

  • Half Marathon – A 21.09 KM (13.10 mi) race
  • Fun Run – A 4 km run which starts and finishes at the same place as the half marathon
  • Wheelchair Race – This follows the same route as the half marathon

Due to the large number of runners this will be a fantastic event for photographers and runners alike.

Anyone wanting to take photos at the event can upload them to Its fast, free and easy. Sign up today

Good luck this Sunday from the bibsnapper team.


Chicago Marathon 2018

Not long now until one of biggest event on the running calendar. To runners a photographers alike the Chicago Marathon is one of the Biggest on the list of great marathons. A massive 45,000 participants will be taking part. The Marathon is held in the amazing city of Chicago in Illinois, United States. Alongside the Boston, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo it is one of the six World Marathon Majors. It is also a IAAF Gold Label race. The Chicago Marathon is the forth-largest race by number of finishers worldwide.
The race to be run on the 7th of October this year will be the 41st. the first race was back in 1977 with the original name of Mayor Daley Marathon. It is among the fastest growing marathon road races in the world, due in part to its fast and flat course. The sponsors Bank of America provide good prize money to lure in elite runners.
The marathon course is a loop course. The first 3 miles the runners go through the impressive downtown area. It stars and ends at Grant Park. The course loop is generally divided into three sections: North, West, and South. Near each of these directions, three of the city’s main stadiums are nearby at their turning points. Wrigley Field is near the north. The United Center is to the west. US Cellular Field is to the south. So there are many great spots to get some amazing photos of this impressive running event.
More information
Good Luck to all Runners and Photographers from

London to Brighton Ride 2018 is here…

The London to Brighton bike ride takes place this Sunday 17th June. There will be an estimated 15,000 riders taking part. The event is organized by the British Heart Foundation. There will be many great opportunities for sports photographers this weekend. Due to the volumes of riders they will not be going past at a great speed. Brighton itself is a great destination to get set up to get some good shots with great weather predicted. 

The route passes through the London suburbs of WestminsterBrixtonCroydon and Purley, past Gatwick AirportCrawley and then into the countryside, crossing the North and South DownsDitchling Beacon on the South Downs there is a steep climb followed by a gentle descent for five miles into Brighton, where the route finishes on the promenade by the Kings Road arches.

Get your camera out and get on the route for some great photos on this premier charity cycling event.

Good Luck to all riders and photographers this weekend.

The Bibsnapper Team

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Stockholm Marathon Time

Good luck for the Stockholm marathon.

For marathon photographers and runners the Stockholm Marathon sponsored by ASICS, is on Saturday the 2nd of June. This annual marathon arranged in StockholmSweden since 1979. It serves as the Swedish marathon championship race. Last year, the Stockholm Marathon more than 18,500 participants (14,442 men and 4,385 women) were registered.

There are many great locations for photographers. The marathon starts adjacent to the 1912 Olympic Stadium and consists of two loops around the city, finishing with a three-quarter lap around the tracks of the Olympic Stadium.

The book The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons (1997), written by Dennis Craythorn and Rich Hanna, ranks the Stockholm Marathon as the best marathon in the world. The Marathon has a record of great weather so can be a great day out with your camera.

WELCOME TO THIS YEAR’S RUNNING FESTIVAL, SATURDAY 2 JUNE. The 40th ASICS Stockholm Marathon will take place on Saturday 2 June. The first starting gun will go off at 12:00.

UK Half Marathon Events Guide 2018

Half Marathon Events Guide 2018

For runners and photographers alike the Half Marathon can be a great addition to the running calendar. With large numbers of like-minded competitors testing themselves over the 13 Miles (21K) distance, these events can be a large mile stone for the beginner/intermediate runners. A great chance for the experienced distance runners to work on improving their pace over longer distances in a competitive environment.

For photographers you can get more photos for time spent on the roadside. With the main pack generally completing the event between 1 1/2 and 3 hours. With events all over the country (UK) there will be one near you to get plenty of great photos to upload.

Below we have listed events all across the country (UK) with dates and links to the events. So get these runs in the diary and take your running shoes or camera and have a fun day out.

Sign up for a free account today, and upload your race photos

Edinburgh Half Marathon – 27th May 2018

Edinburgh Half marathon is full of landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and the oldest golf course in the world. £34,

St Albans Half Marathon – 10th June 2018

St Albans Half has both walking and running options. Its fairly hilly route heads into the countryside before returning to St Albans to finish in the massive Verulamium Park, where the race also st1arts. £29 until 31st Jan, £32 after,

Serpent Trail Half Marathon – 7th July 2018

Takes part on the Serpent Trail which snakes through the Surry, West Sussex and Hampshire countryside from Haslemere to Petersfield. The half marathon that runs from Midhurst to Petersfield. £35,

Castle Howard Half Marathon – 22nd July 2018

The event at Castle Howard near York and has a spectacular off-road route around the Howardian Hills. £40,

Great North Run – 9th September 2018

The Biggest of UK half marathons – over one million people have completed the Great North Run since the first event in 1981. The course starts in the centre of Newcastle, with runners crossing the Tyne Bridge before heading out to the coast to finish in South Shields. The ballot for the race opened on Wednesday 3rd January and closes at noon on Monday 5th February.

Scottish Half Marathon – 23rd September 2018

The Scottish Half Marathon runs along the coast of East Lothian, just outside Edinburgh, with the race finishing at Musselburgh racecourse. £34,

Great Bristol Half Marathon – 23rd September 2018

This race has  magnificent views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. As well as Brunel’s famous structure, runners are treated to views of the impressive Avon Gorge, and the race starts and finishes in the city’s historic Harbourside area. £35 early bird,

Ealing Half Marathon – 30th September 2018

It’s one of just three closed-road half marathons in London, so it’s worth taking your chance to tackle the capital’s roads traffic-free. £38 early bird until 31st January, £44 after,

Bournemouth Half Marathon -7th October 2018 

The route of this half marathon sticks to the seaside, with runners visiting Boscombe and Bournemouth piers as they wind their way along the coast. The half marathon is part of the Bournemouth Marathon Festival, with 5K, 10K and full marathon races also available. £31 early bird,

Kielder Half Marathon -7th October 2018 

Kielder Water in Northumberland and gos past a huge spectator point on Kielder Dam. £35,

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon -14th October 2018

The Royal Parks half takes place in not one but four Royal Parks: Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens.

Brighton Marathon 2018



Not long until the Brighton Marathon 2018, which takes place 13th – 15th April 2018. The UK’s 2nd largest marathon. Click the link below for the official website for all information and how you can sign up to the Marathon or 10k races.

Are you a photographer planning on being at the event? Upload and sell your photos via and get paid instantly for every photo that you sell. Its free to register and create your own online store.

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Good luck to all runners and photographers.

The Bibsnapper Team

Brighton Marathon



Marathon Training Guide

Thinking about running a marathon this year? Maybe running for the 1st time or a seasoned marathon athlete? Whatever your level is this excellent guide published by provides all of the training plans, tips and other useful information to get you prepared.

Click HERE to read the essential training guide.

Or if you are looking for the best App to use for your training, if so read our review of all the best apps for 2018 right here

The Best Running Apps for 2018 Guide

Big Marathon Dates for 2018

The Big Marathon Dates for Photographers 2018 Diaries Worldwide

For both runners and photographers alike you need to get the following dates in your diary. The big marathons will be here before you know it and the major thing to remember for photographers is the more runners the more opportunity to get profitable photos. Marathon photos are very important for the runners and their families. Anyone who has been to watch a friend or family member run one of the big events will tell you how hard it can be to spot them during the race. Even harder is to capture them on camera…and harder still is to get a good shot, one they would want to keep forever. Luckily, this is where numbers come in. The more photographers we have out there the more probability of getting the perfect shot, and remember that for every photo you sell you get paid instantly….so make the most of 2018 with and make your photo count.

February 25th 2018 – Tokyo Marathon

30,000 participants each year

April 16th 2018 – Boston Marathon

30,000 participants each year

April 22nd 2018 – London Marathon

40,000 participants each year

September 16th 2018 – Berlin Marathon

40,000 participants each year

October 7th 2018 – Chicago Marathon

45,000 participants each year

November 4th 2018 – New York Marathon

Over 50,000 participants in 2017 making it the world’s largest marathon

With just these 6 marathons, over quarter of a million people will want to see images captured of the on the big day. This is not to mention the thousands of sporting events going on all over the world in 2018.

Good luck from Bibsnapper to both participants and photographers alike. Let us bring you together.

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Bibsnapper – Find yourself!

Statistics Speak Volumes

In the U.S. alone, more than 64 million people went jogging or running in 2016** this is a lot of sweat! Spread over 40,000 events this is a lot to cover and as much as we would like to be at as many of these it’s simply not possible, but you can…

Anyone can get involved at its fun and free. There are three groups of people that use our site. 1) Photographers who attend events and take awesome photos of all the participants 2) Runners – very important! Putting themselves through the paces at any event, anywhere around the world and 3) Event Organisers who have a requirement to support their event and raise money for good causes.

As a registered photographer on the account you are able to create your own profile and upload your and tag images from the event that you have attended, whether it’s a local event near your home, or a large-world renown event. One your images are available, participants can search based on their bib number alone to find themselves. If they purchase your photo, and you have a linked PayPal account then you receive instant payment from the sale.

You also have your own link to your photo store which you can use to promote directly link to your photos.

Runners – Simply search for you bib number using the search functionality on the home page, and even drill down using the filters of the map search.

With BIBSNAPPER everyone benefits:

  1. Photographers – Create a FREE account and upload and sell your images, no hidden charges or commitments
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  3. Event Organisers – We can support your event and also help raise donation funds to any registered charity. Contact us for how we can support you.

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** Source:


Athens Marathon 2017

Good luck to all running The Athens Marathon 2017

The Athens Marathon is coming up on Sunday 12th of November 2017. With around 18,000 runners competing in the full marathon. There will be nearly 40,000 runners in total competing in a 5k and a 10k as well as the iconic full 42.2km race.


The marathon course is based on the legend race, ran from the battle of marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks’ victory over the Persians. The competitive race is traced back to the Marathon race at the 1869 Olympics. The Athens Classic Marathon began in 1972.

For those taking photographs this weekend there could not be a better backdrop. The main event will end in the Panathenaic Stadium. This stadium hosted opening and closing ceremonies of the first Olympic games in 1869.

To all photographers – please upload your Athens Marathon Photographs as soon as possible. To all the runners good luck. Please search by your bib number so see photos of you on the big day. – find yourself 


#marathons #athens #marathonphoto #photographer#running #runningphotos #runningphotography


Great North Run 2017 – Are you ready?

Great North Run 2017

Coming up on the 10th of September will be the Great North Run 2017. This is a great event for any sports photographers. If you are looking for big events it doesn’t get much bigger than this. This event is officially the biggest half marathon in world. With numbers up to 57,000 it really is one not to be missed. Anyone looking to run this event who hasn’t already secured a place will be disappointed as entries are now closed. This year has already gained extra interest as the much loved Sir Mo Farah has confirmed he will be running. He is back to try and make this his 4th win in a row on one occasion breaking the hour mark with a amazing time of 59mins 22secs. The current course record is held by the Kenyan Martin Mathathi at 58mins 56secs in 2011.

Anyone looking to go and watch the event can take their pick of great spots. The race starts in the city centre of Newcastle. After crossing the famous Tyne Bridge runners complete the 13.1 miles to end up in the sea side town of South Shields. With good weather predicted this looks like a perfect Sunday to get out and get some good photos of the inspirational competitors.

This great event now one of the most important in the runner’s calendar started back in 1981. The first event was won by the both British Mike Mcleod 1hr 03mins 23secs and Karen Goldhawk 1r 17mins 36secs. The women’s course record now stands at 1hr 05mins 39secs held by Kenyan Mary Keitany.

We at Bibsnapper would just like to say good luck to not only the great Sir Mo Farah but to everyone taking part in this great event. To anyone going to the event to take photos we would like to send a special thank you. Don’t forget to upload as soon as you can.

Runners don’t forget you only need your bib number to find all the imagines captured of you during this amazing event.

Good luck on the 10th of September in the North of England’s beautiful city of Newcastle.



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